Sunday, November 14, 2004

How Frank Luntz made me stop worrying and love Fascism!

OR: Fun with Nazi Propaganda!

Replacing some words in a piece of literature in order to better understand the relationships between the ideas expressed is a tool commonly used by Jews, from before Maimonides to the present day. Some of the following passages are by James Dobson, the “radical cleric” credited by many as being instrumental in the re-election of George Bush. The rest are by Nazi propagandists. I have made some key substitutions in the Dobson passages:

the Reich for the Church,
National Socialism for Marriage,
our Fuhrer for any reference to G-d or G-d’s words (i.e. the Bible),
Aryan for Christian,
Jewish for liberal or homosexual (Jewish race for homosexuality or liberalism), National Socialists for clergy or people who are married,

I have also substituted Germany for America where appropriate, fixed appropriate grammar, eliminated the terms “racial” as well as “host people” and substituted Jews or Jewish race for Jewry or World Jewry in the Nazi material (not significant). There are two other insignificant substitutions which do not change meaning but which would be dead give aways if I listed them here. You probably would not notice them if you compare the texts.

"To put it succinctly, the institution of National Socialism represents the very foundation of human social order. Everything of value sits on that base. Institutions, governments, religious fervor, and the welfare of children are all dependent on its stability. When it is weakened or undermined, the entire superstructure begins to wobble. That is exactly what has happened during the last thirty-five years, as radical feminists, Jewish lawmakers, and profiteers in the entertainment industry have taken their toll on the stability of National Socialism. Many of our pressing social problems can be traced to this origin."

"The people have every reason to despair of the future. Were there no National Socialism movement as the last hope of those of good will, millions of people in Germany would long since have plunged into the abyss of chaos and anarchy. We have raised the banner of a new faith. We hold it unshakably and firmly in our hand, and we give working people confidence that sooner or later Germany will change in fundamental ways that will allow for the rebuilding of the state and therefore the beginning of the rebirth of the German people."

"In short, National Socialism, when it functions as intended, is good for everyone — for men, for women, for children, for the community, for the nation, and for the world. National Socialism is the means by which the human race is propagated, and the means by which spiritual teaching is passed down through the generations. Research consistently shows that National Socialists do better in virtually every measure of emotional and physical health than people who are not National Socialists. They live longer and have happier lives. They recover from illness more quickly, earn and save more money, are more reliable employees, suffer less stress, and are less likely to become victims of any kind of violence. They find the job of parenting more enjoyable, and they have more satisfying and fulfilling sex lives. These and countless other benefits of National Socialism serve to validate (although no validation is necessary) the wisdom of the Führer who told us what was best for mankind. He said [some quotes]."

"This is why I am profoundly concerned today about the effort to tamper with this time-honored institution. For nearly sixty years, the Jewish activist movement and related entities have been working to implement a master plan that has had as its centerpiece the utter destruction of the Reich. Now the final battle is at hand: The institution of National Socialism and the Aryan Reich are all that stand in the way of the movement's achievement of every coveted aspiration. Those goals include universal acceptance of the Jewish race, the discrediting of our Führer that condemns the Jewish race, muzzling of the National Socialists and the Aryan media, granting of special privileges and rights in the law, overturning laws prohibiting pedophilia, indoctrination of children and future generations through public education, and securing all the legal benefits of National Socialism for any people who claim to have Jewish [traits]."

"In attempting to deal with the Jewish race and to approach the matter legally for the first time in [our] history, we are only following the spirit of the age. Defending against the Jewish danger is only part of our plan. When it becomes the only issue when National Socialism is discussed, that is the Jews’ fault, not ours. They have attempted to mobilize the world against us, in the secret hope of winning back the territory they have lost."

"But [some guy] was no unfortunate single case, rather one of a legion of Jewish corrupters of the youth, sexual criminals, pseudo-scientists, playwrights and novelists, painters and sculptors, theater and cabaret director, publishers and distributors of pornographic literature. They competed with each other to produce their filth, surpassing each other in obscenity, making easier the work of their allies seeking to dominate an unnerved and powerless people rendered susceptible by such "art." The absence of moral rules was called freedom, and unrestrained drives were proclaimed to be the right of the young."

"More than that, [their] allies intentionally and cold-heartedly preached and encouraged the murder of the unborn children of our people through abortion. The hatred Jews had for Aryans extended to the growing life in a mother's womb. Jewish scoundrels made this part of the programs of political parties. How many millions of unborn children and how many hundreds of thousands of mothers fell prey to the greed and hatred of Jewish doctors? The Jews kept the number secret by controlling and influencing the official statistics of [the government]. To my knowledge, no "decent Jew" raised his voice against such organized murder."

"Thousands of Jews in a handful of cities have procured official National Socialist papers, representing the collapse of the rule of law. These blatant illegalities have encountered only sporadic opposition from legal and governmental officials. And there are more outrageous developments to come.

A revolution of striking proportions now looms before us. As you will see in subsequent chapters, the movement has become a tsunami — a tidal wave that threatens to overwhelm anyone who stands in its way. I do not recall a time when the institution of National Socialism faced such danger, or when the forces arrayed against it were more formidable or determined. Barring a miracle, the Reich as it has been known from time immemorial will crumble. This is a moment for greater courage and wisdom than we have ever been called upon to exercise.