Saturday, July 31, 2004

All Jews Think Alike

Matt Yglesias makes a point remarkably similar to one I made while referring to the Kleiman post on Libertarian foreign policy. Matt:

Unless you're in the grips of an extraordinarily rigid ideology (like this hyper-dogmatic view Mark Kleiman attributes to all libertarians) then there's not going to be any especially clear connection between your domestic policy views and your foreign policy views.


I assert that [conservatives and liberals] all follow basically the same foreign policy, with differing degrees of skill depending on the individual (the war in Iraq was not conservative, it was stupid).

And speaking of all Jews thinking alike, I first noticed Max Sawicky was a Jew when this post caused me to search for a bio button on the top of the blog. When I saw his News Jews Can Use link, I knew my suspicions were correct, however I continued to look until I saw the Jewish Bloggers link. Jews appreciate our time off, we invented the weekend. As I say, Jews believe in deliberation and consideration. This takes time. That's why we invented The Sabbath.

One thing Max neglects to mention is that the corporate machine only began sucking up American "leisure" (although I prefer the term non- monetarily structured) time after progressives removed the systematic sexism that forced many people out of monetarily structured employment.


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