Monday, December 13, 2004

SCL Bloggers

The so called liberal bloggers I trust have neglected to mention this particular news item:

It seems the entire media must have forgoten about the whole messy situation in falljah immediately after that Thanksgiving tryptophan hit their brains. It seems as if they all said "OK, break in the news cycle, time to get an all new set of narrative arcs for our stories." Atrios hasn't mentioned Fallujah since December 5th, when he made a very brief comment on the (unfathomably stupid) plans to turn Fallujah into a work camp. CNN hasn't run a story on Fallujah since December 5th also, when it ran this story about the Marines KICKING OUT the Red Crescent. The last time the battle for Fallujah was mentioned on CNN it was in past tense in Bush's speech to Camp Pendleton.

Fox News was actually a little better, last reporting on Fallujah on Dec. 6th when it ran this quote:

The U.S.-led coalition had hoped its invasion of the insurgent hotbed of Fallujah last month would cripple the insurgency. Instead, the rebels appear to have scattered, and, after a brief lull, resumed their campaign.

Buried in this story. However, by the next day they were referring to Fallujah in the past tense as well.


Not only that, but we have yet to return those Red Crescent aid workers to Fallujah as the CNN story suggested. I only learned that the Battle of Fallujah is not in past tense after reading Riverbend's recent post. She also talks about a new gasoline and electricity shortage.


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