Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Welcome Skippers!

Now that I have attracted the attention of the Skippers, I feel obligated to use it to some positive purpose.

I have been meaning to comment on fellow jew Al Franken's attempts at launching a phalanx of fighting keyboarders against Brit Hume. Franken is right. What Brit and Fox are doing (present tense) is incomparably worse then what Rather did. Fox has distorted a quote to the point of false attribution. This is worse then simply making a mistake in reporting since in the case of a mistake, only the reputation of the news agency suffers. In the case of false attribution, Fox has potentially damaged the reputation of one of the most effective US Presidents in history.

The damage caused by this offense is exacerbated by the refusal of Fox to issue a retraction of any sort, let alone an admission of wrong doing. Tell Fox how you feel.


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