Sunday, March 27, 2005

Te(ll)rry Care

Plumber falls for one of their right-wing jedi mind tricks by allowing the republicans to go right back to criticizing the Democrats on religious issues immediately after the Schiavo incident.

The entire Schiavo incident demonstrates how in touch Democrats are with the average american when it comes to religious issues and how out of touch the right wing is. Americans want as little interference from government as possible. That's why the right has been so successful in portraying Democrats as "against" various religious symbols. The right is only successful when they can portray democrats in this light.

Exempli gratia: Democrats "oppose" the ten commandments. Average american: "I like the ten commandments. How can they oppose my right to like the ten commandments?!"

Democrats are "pro-choice". Most americans are "pro-choice".

So I argue we should turn this Schiavo thing into an inverse Hilary-care for the republicans, beating them about the face and neck with the fact that they were so interventionist, continually refreshing the public's memory of the incident over the coming months and years.


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