Monday, June 13, 2005

Why mine is better then Kos'

Kos is making attempts at a Democrat elevator pitch. Also, someone misunderstood his comments about abortion, which seem to amount to the idea that “abortion” conjures up bad images of fetuses, while something more abstract leaves more unsaid. I would compare it to old people having sex, another issue the Democrats support but avoid mentioning it by name since they speak in more abstract notions of keeping the government out of the bedroom. But as far as his discussion of the elevator pitch, even though I agree with his formulation I have to say that mine is better.

We practically come up with the exact same thing. All I have to add to it is that environmental issues fall under anti-corporate corruption because who is against the environment? Corrupt corporate interests. This is the liberal bogey to the conservative bogey: hippies. Who could be against a strong national defense? Smelly wooly headed pot-smoking hippy-dippy sixties relics. Boo! Also, a statement on foreign policy is unnecessary. Republicans house isolationists, neoconservatives, and realists in one party. Democrats also will have isolationist, neo-liberal, and realist elements.


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