Wednesday, July 20, 2005

The Dread Pirate

Angelica gets what I’m going for. Ambiguity totally works in Rove’s favor here. However, right now I’m not sure whether it would be easier to get The Dread Pirate to admit his position by starting a rumor that he is pro-choice or starting a rumor that he isn’t. Maybe a little from column A and a little from column B.

Potential “dialogue”:

Democrat A: I have personal assurances from an anonymous white house source that Roberts is pro-choice.

Democrat B: Bush has proven that he will lie to protect his corporate interests before. He’s done it in the lead up to the war, and he did it again to protect his buddy Karl Rove. How can you trust Bush when he has been so misleading in the past.

Democrat A: Yes, the Bush administration is full of soulless sleaze-bags that would sell their own mothers for a profit, but this is exactly why they would compromise to protect their corrupt cronies.

Democrat B: Well let’s just agree that Bush and the Republicans are worthless human beings whether they are lying about Robert’s pro-choice position or selling out for corporate corruption.
But does this violate message discipline? Maybe, but Rove is walking the middle road. What happens to someone walking in the middle of the road? They get hit from both sides.


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