Friday, September 15, 2006

Thomas PM Barnett

Tommy Barnett came up with an interesting analogy yesterday:
I just remain amazed at how little people in America understand about how much China has changed in just two generations since the Cultural Revolution. I mean, it’s a stunning distance traveled, akin to the road America traversed from 1865 to 1905.
He was arguing that the current mess of corruption and class division in China is a natural step in the industrial evolution of a society, and will pass eventually. It gave me pause, and for a short moment, hope.

Then I remembered that it took two world wars and a depression to make this phase of American history pass. In addition, America got off easy in this transition from agrarianism to industrialism, Germany, Austria-Hungry, and Russia did not.

But still, a very interesting and stimulating read. And he seems to write more interesting original content (as opposed to just linking everything they read like some people) before nine AM then I do all week. Why haven’t I linked him on my blogroll?


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