Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Germanization as Anti-Angell Rationale

So I am doing a little work on my current paper (in my day job) by fleshing out some historical anecdotes about how much of Eurasia was as thoroughly raped as the Americas or SE Asian colonial possessions because most it was also at some point a colonial possession of some other country, when it occurs to me that Germanization is an example of the anti-Angell rationale for war. Lower classes in Germany became middle and upper class in Bohemia.

As a brief review, I posit here that Norm “War is impossible because it costs everyone involved more economic resources then they could possibly gain due to the destructiveness of modern weapons,” Angell is incorrect since he does not consider the value of relative social position, which can neither be created nor destroyed. Essentially, non-elites attempt to advance their position by becoming the elites over foreign populations (native elites are usually successful at directing the angst of the demos outward instead of allowing for internal social mobility).


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