Wednesday, June 15, 2005

What's the matter with Ezra and Kevin

Ezra Klein and Calpundit are all worried about what specific economic policies the Democrats are going to pursue in order to win over Thomas Frank’s Kansans. What he doesn’t understand is that it’s not what you say about the issues, its what the issues say about you. As I explained before, family resources are the obverse of family values, and as such, Democrats act towards family resources the way Republicans act towards family values.

The Democrat positions on the minimum wage and Canadian drugs are about as lame as a lot less lame then the Republican positions on stem cell research and Terry Schiavo. What policies do Republicans pursue that really advance “family values”, even the in the perverse meaning they have imbued in those words? Bush jumped ship on the gay marriage thing right before the election, and considering how unpopular abortion prohibition is, I don’t expect much action on that front either.


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