Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Putting Bush in a Compromising Position

Abortion has a lot of cognitive momentum. It’s been a topic of national conversation for twenty five years. For much of that twenty five years the christianists have been prevented from reversing the decision due to either a liberul executive or legislature, causing the christianists to get blue balls. Now a supposedly christianist president has a supposedly christianist congress with which it could push through an anti-choice candidate.

But they won’t because it would be a disastrous source of unity and energy for the Left. So our message must be that precisely: Attention christianists, your Republican girlfriends are never going to put out, so dump them. In other words our message is “Republicans could make abortion illegal, but they won’t. So why bother supporting them?” We (Dem pols as well as individual libs like you and me) achieve this by braying as loudly as possible about our fear that the Republican majority could make “Choice” illegal. Something along the lines “We’ll fight to preserve the individual rights of the American people as long as possible; but Republicans control The Whitehouse and both Houses of Congress, so if they are really determined they could wipeout choice rights. I am really worried. They are wrong on this, but there is no much we can do except stick to our guns and know the American people support us.”

And when Gonzalez is nominated the rhetoric can shift to “Well we’re glad Bush has decided to compromise with the Democrats [in a shameful and wussified manner, at least as compared to the strong erect clear Democrat position] on the issue of <BLOODY UNBAPISED FETUSES BURINING IN HELL>, but we feel that his appointment of <pro-business “moderate”> is just another attempt to put the interests of his corporate cronies ahead of the American people’s interest,” Sub-text: Bush will endure burning hemorrhoidal pain in order to line the pockets of his corporate pimps.


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