Sunday, August 14, 2005

Taking care of some norbizness

In his parting remarks to Iraqi Prime Minister Ibrahim Jaafari, Secretary Rumsfeld compares the insurgency to a stubborn case of constipation.

Often accused of ignoring the media, President Bush just can't see them down there.

While Mr. Cheney certainly smelt it, only General Myers was sure who dealt it.

After cracking a joke about the Air Force, Adm. Edmund P. Giambastiani, left, goes for the high five without realizing who was standing behind him.

Barbara is uneasy about George’s controversial plan to save social security by “Throwing momma from the train”


Blogger Neil Shakespeare said...

Love the constipation caption. I imagine those guys do get constipated, being so filled with shit and having to hold it all in 24/7. Thanks for the laugh.

8:29 PM  

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