Wednesday, July 06, 2005

The (Right Wing Spin) Situation

I listened to Tucker Carlson’s new show last night. He is issuing the new right wing spin on the nomination:

GASPARINO: Let's face it. One of the problems with O'Connor was that she issued muddy decisions. The affirmative action decision, you know, was, like, you know, split 50-50 each way, this thing about religion public places, again, split 50-50 each way.

I think you want someone with a clear direction. I think that's why, in the end, he will pick someone who's basically conservative like Clarence Thomas or Scalia.

CARLSON: Yes. I hope that's true, but Bush's opponents often paint him—I believe incorrectly—as a puppet of the Christian right. Oh that he were, but he's not.
Sub-text: See, Bush is a moderate because he wants to appoint a Justice that will allow him to torture who ever he wants and help his cronies rip off the American public but will not overturn Roe! How noble of him. He really is a compassionate conservative unite-er not divider. Marvel at his bi-partisan support!

Democrats have to get out there and loudly demand Bush not appoint a “pro-life” Justice. That way when he actually doesn’t appoint a “pro-life” Justice, it will make him look spineless. In addition, we’ll accuse him of compromising in order to protect his corporate cronies, which will stick. The name of the game is alienate the christianists. Start playing!

PS: The bit of the transcript about the Texas police arresting the hero guy is pretty funny. No wonder these red-staters want smaller government with officials like these.


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