Wednesday, August 17, 2005


So now that TheDubester has shown the way to circumvent “that may come up as a case before the court” dodge, here are some potential questions for Roberts:

Which is more of a threat to society: A boss who sexually harasses his underlings or an abortion provider?

Do you believe that abortion doctors are more of a threat to society then Richard Reed, the Shoe Bomber? No, not all terrorists, just him: The guy who borrowed a match to light his shoe.

What is more alarming to you, the rate of abortions in this country or the repeal of the assault weapons ban?

Is stem cell research more dangerous then medical marijuana?

Is stem cell research more of a threat to our society then Global Warming?

Is preventing prisoner abuse in Guantanamo Bay more important then protecting unborn fetuses?

I don’t think I can top that last one. Think of your own. The key is to make it something that couldn’t come before the court, like comparisons of (radically different) stuff. TheDubester used the example “Is the First amendment more important then the Second amendment?” How could that possibly come before the court or prejudice any decision that possibly could come before the court? Despite its inherent meaninglessness, any response will generate good rhetorical sound bites.


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