Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Welcome to Funeralgate?

I forget who continues to repeat the meme, but I’ve heard that there are about a dozen low-level scandals connected to the Bush administration just waiting for something to launch them into the limelight. This current story about a hunting accident may be just that.

What the American public needs to take away from this entire fiasco is that Republicans are so constantly surrounded by cronies that if a tree falls in the woods and Cheney is within hearing distance, it probably will hit a lobbyist. This guy that just happened to be unlucky enough to get injured in a hunting accident with Cheney also happens to be lucky enough to get a Katrina no-bid contract for his funerary services company that had previously been embroiled in controversy¹.

Area surrounding Dick Cheney as viewed by satellite

The story is this: we now know where that “undisclosed location” is: on a corporate crony sponsored junket. Cheney and the Republicans have been using “security” as an excuse to cover up their dirty incestuous corporate relations, and this is a lucky accident that gives us glimpse at what is really going on.

¹: This guy ran a company called Service Corporation International that settled a lawsuit involving digging up Jewish graves and feeding the carcasses to pigs. Apparently a Texas state employee was fired while investigating the case during Bush’s term as governor. Also known as Funeralgate.


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